Individually designed USB flash drives with PVC cases


At your request we can produce 2D/3D storage devices in the form of your company’s logo or using your proprietary design. It is an excellent opportunity to materialize your original ideas in the real form while enjoying USB drive functionality at the same time!
The drop of prices for USB chips and unfading popularity of these indispensable storage devices results in their effective engagement in the advertising market.

As you may know there are many forms and designs of USB flash drive cases, however all of them are mass products and they do not provide for any possibility to promote your company among the similar offers represented in the market. An ideal solution to excel and become more recognizable without losing functionality of the usual USB drives is ordering a USB flash drive with PVC case which will be produced following your individual design.

If you want your storage device to attract people’s attention to its appearance, then 2D/3D flash drives of PVC are the best and well-balanced solution. This product will truly serve to its owner for a rather long time and freshen up his recollections about some event or advertising campaign he conducted!

So far, this is one of the few offers whose appearance gives an impression of its higher worth rather than the price you actually paid for it.

Considering the above, there are few products in the advertising market which can fairly compete with 2D/3D data storage devices in terms of the quality-price ratio!
Again, the list of advantages of PVC produced flash drives still can be added with the following highlights to stand them out:

- short time of preparation of 3D model

- short time for manufacture of casting forms

- reasonable deadlines for manufacture of a batch of products

- high extensive detailing of items

- possibility to manufacture colored products according to Pantone Matching System

- non-toxic product

- compatibility or possibility to combine with the other promo materials

We’ll be enthusiastic to materialize your ideas together with you, share our experience we have gained for years and our love to what we do!


Video of the production of custom-made USB-flash drives from PVC. In this video, we have tried to show in detail the main stages of production of a flash-drive. This process is very time consuming and interesting to watch and expand your horizons