Individually designed USB flash drives with metal cases


“Metal cased USB flash drive” – just try to get a feel of how expensive this phrase sounds, especially at the beginning of discussing the project with a customer. But, believe us, it looks far more presentable than the customer can imagine.

It is well-known that sometimes project requires not just an idea to be implemented in a certain form but the form itself must reflect the fundamentals of company’ logo or its product or background of the brand. And for such image-building orders metal is the best suitable material.

On our production facilities we use zinc alloys which results in smoother forms as compared to the machined parts. Casting method is more economically advantageous against the press-working of products; however it has a number of limitations.

Let’s see the main advantages and disadvantages of those flash drives with cast metal cases:

- short time of manufacture of products

- cheap casting forms

- cheap modeling process

- lacquered surface looks long-living and attractive

- limited number of applied colors

- relatively heavyweight in comparison with the press-worked cases

- engraving is the only available method of application

But there is an alternative which is half-way to solve the problems with weight and using wider color range and application methods. This is press-working of cases out of aluminum powder. Let’s highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of this method too:

- lightweight and strong case

- possibility to use various methods of logotype application

- possibility to combine colors and materials

- expensive press forms

- expensive design rendering

- long time of manufacture of press forms

- possibility to combine rotating parts during design

You get to choose and we’ll do our best to materialize your numerous ideas!